Chronological List of Compositions

A Chronological List of Compositions by Dr Robert Howard

Glory, Love, and Praise, and Honour, for SATB choir & organ/piano
, for viola
Bread of the World
, version for organ/piano
Bread of the World
, for SATB choir or quartet, unaccompanied, ad lib.
For Mary, Mother of Our Lord,
version for SA choir & organ/piano
For Mary, Mother of Our Lord
, version for solo voice or unison voices & organ/piano
I Gave You Love… (The Reproaches)
, version for solo voice & organ/piano (also congregation)
I Gave You Love… (The Reproaches)
, for SATB choir & organ/piano (& congregation)

Once in Royal David’s City, for SATB choir & organ/piano
Once in Royal David’s City, version for any voice(s) & organ/piano
For Mary, Mother of Our Lord
, for SATB choir & organ/piano
A Babe Is Born, version for SSA choir & organ/piano
Gloria Patri, version for SA choir & organ/piano
Jubilate Deo, version for SA choir & organ/piano
Ave verum corpus
, version for SA choir & organ/piano
Alleluia, version for SA choir & organ/piano

Alleluia, version for solo organ/piano
Alleluia, version for solo voice & organ/piano
Alleluia, for SATB choir & organ/piano
Flourish, for trumpet
Resonance, for piano

A Babe Is Born, version for SATB choir & organ/piano
Jubilate Deo, version for solo voice & organ/piano
Ave verum corpus, version for solo voice & organ/piano
Jubilate Deo, for SATB choir & organ/piano
Ave verum corpus, for SATB choir & organ/piano

Reclining Figure, for piano
Cortege, version for solo piano/organ
Cortege, for orchestra
A Babe Is Born, revised version for solo voice & piano

Meditation, for organ

Chagall Reflection II (elaboration), for piano

Flautando, for flute

Gloria Patri, for SATB choir & organ (separate edition of the Gloria from Magnificat and Nunc dimittis)
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis, for SATB choir & organ (rev. 2017)

Journey, flexibly scored in 4 parts

Rotations, for piano

Niarbyl, for piano

Festival Suite, in four movements, for orchestra
Harmony, for piano

Fantasy on Anna’s Theme, flexibly scored in 4 parts
Farewell, for piano
Rocking, for piano
Rocking (sketch), for piano

Chagall Reflection I (original), for piano
Festive Fanfare, for orchestra
Three-Way Piece, flexibly scored in 4 parts (rev. 2017)

Wesleyan Overture, for orchestra
Carousel, flexibly scored in up to 7 parts
Streight Lines (2004) – graphic score, for two pianos

Like Clockwork, for orchestra
Music to Hear, SATB choir & Flexible 4 part instrumental
The Stations of the Cross, for string quartet
Addition I & II, for piano

Achaian II, for two bassoons
Achaian I, for solo cello
In Memory
, for piano (originally concert band)
The Lantern Tower, for orchestra
Ghost, flexibly scored in 4 parts
A Babe Is Born, carol for choir and organ/piano or orchestra
La Reproduction Interdite, for bassoon

Alla Campana II, flexibly scored for up to five parts
Alla Campana
, flexibly scored for three parts
Chorale for St Andrews, for piano
Critical Mass, flexibly scored
Distant Bells, for violin & piano
Lines on a Walk, flexibly scored in 15 parts
Lines on a Walk II, for flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin & cello
Music, When Soft Voices Die, mezzo-soprano and piano
Still, for piano
Still, for piano  (4 hands)

Mother and Child, for piano
Mother and Child II, arranged for ensemble
Promenade, for orchestra
Promenade III, flexibly scored in 15 parts
Promenade IV, flexibly scored in 4 parts
Promenade IVa, for piano
Promenade V, for solo instrument
Solitaire, for piano
Dual Form, for clarinet & cello
Broadway Boogie-Woogie, for piano
Alter? When the Hills Do, for mezzo-soprano & piano

The Island, for orchestra
Family of Man, for flute, clarinet, piano, violin & cello
String Quartet No. 1
Pied Piper, for oboe
Prelude to 1984, for piano
Six of One, for piano
Two Forms, for marimba

Chamber Concerto, for sinfonietta
Christmas: 1924, for baritone & piano
Litany, for bassoon
Mirror Image, for piano, in 3 movements: Recollections (1997), Reflections, From S to Z
The Mystery of the Trinity, for piano
Poco Variazioni, for cello
Prelude to Animal Farm, for chamber ensemble
Reflections, arranged for string orchestra
Transfigurations, for piano duet

In Memoriam B.H., for orchestra
Recollections, for piano (incorporated into Mirror Image in 1998)

Archforms, for orchestra
Axis, for string quartet
Fantasy, for clarinet (revised 2019)
Improvisation, for bassoon
Scherzetto, for string trio
Toccatina, for piano

Fiddler’s Air, for violin
Intrada, for piano
Procession, for orchestra
Rondino, for oboe quartet

Folk Lament, for bassoon
Prelude in C minor, for piano
Prelude in E flat ‘Neo Rhapsody,’ for piano
This Little Babe, for unison voices & piano/organ

Pastoral Intermezzo, for piano
Prelude in F, for piano

Pierrot, for bassoon
, for violin & cello
Prelude in C, for piano

The Clown, for bassoon