Robert A Howard has been composing for more than two decades, and regularly accepts commissions from ensembles, choirs and orchestras across the UK. As well as being heard in the UK, Robert’s compositions have been performed as far afield as Denmark, Germany, Colombia, USA and Australia.

In the UK Robert’s works have been widely performed, including at the Bath International Festival and in such prestigious venues as London’s South Bank Centre, Purcell Room, Royal Academy of Music, Conway Hall, British Music Information Centre, Liverpool’s Metropolitan and Anglican Cathedrals, the Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester), Capstone Theatre (Liverpool Hope University) and the Royal Albert Hall (London).

If you would like to commission a piece by Rob, or perform one of his compositions, please get in touch via the Contact page.

List of Compositions (see chronological list instead)

Click any link for score excerpts, recordings & more information. Please note that these scores and recordings are provided for reference purposes only. Contact the composer for full scores and part sets and inform of any performances.

Orchestral Works – click here for score samples & recordings

Cortege (2015), for South Liverpool Orchestra (Liverpool Hope University) and the 11th Prescot Festival
Festival Suite
 (2006-7) – in four movements for the Third Prescot Festival and Association of British Youth Orchestras, for Knowsley Youth Orchestra
Festive Fanfare (2005) – for the First Prescot Festival of Music & the Arts and Phoenix Concert Orchestra
Wesleyan Overture (2004) – for Knowsley Youth Orchestra
Like Clockwork (2003) – commissioned by Knowsley Youth Orchestra for Prescot town
The Lantern Tower (2001-2) – for Kingston Chamber Orchestra, after John Piper
Promenade (2000) – SPNM-shortlisted. For the Goldsmiths Sinfonia, after Anthony Caro
The Island (1999) – SPNM-shortlisted. For the Royal Northern Sinfonia, performed by various
Reflections (1998) – arranged for string orchestra
In Memoriam B.H. (1997) – for the Birmingham University Chamber Orchestra, for Bob Howard
Archforms (1996) – for Wirral Youth Orchestra
Procession (1995) – for Wirral Youth Orchestra

Flexibly Scored Works (all for COMA ensembles, all in 4 parts unless otherwise stated) – click here for score samples & recordings

Journey (2010) – for the Seventh Annual Prescot Festival of Music and the Arts
Fantasy on Anna’s Theme (2006) – for the Second Prescot Festival, after John Corigliano
Three-Way Piece (2005, rev. 2017) – after Henry Moore
Carousel (2004) – in up to 7 parts
Music to Hear (SATB, 2003) – a COMA collaboration with visual artist Kathy Hinde, celebrating the centenary of Hepworth’s birth and performed in Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Promenade III (2003) – in 15 parts, after Anthony Caro
Ghost (2002) – commissioned by COMA, after Ron Mueck
Alla Campana II (2001) – flexibly scored for up to five parts
Alla Campana (2001) – flexibly scored for three parts
Critical Mass (2001) – flexibly scored
Lines on a Walk (2001) – in 15 parts, after Paul Klee
Promenade IV (2000) – published by Forum London Composers’ Group (ReSound Pack & COMA)

Choral & Vocal Works – click here for score samples & recordings

Glory, Love, and Praise, and Honour (2019) – for SATB choir & organ/piano
Glory, Love, and Praise, and Honour (2019) – version for solo or unison voices & organ/piano
Glory, Love, and Praise, and Honour (2019) – version for two-part choir or duet (S/T & A/B) & organ/piano
Bread of the World (2019) – for SATB choir or quartet, unaccompanied, ad lib.
For Mary, Mother of Our Lord (2019) – version for SA choir & organ/piano
For Mary, Mother of Our Lord (2019) – version for solo voice or unison voices & organ/piano
I Gave You Love… (The Reproaches) (2019) – version for solo voice & organ/piano (also congregation)
I Gave You Love… (The Reproaches) (2019) – for SATB choir & organ/piano (& congregation) 
Once in Royal David’s City 
(2018 & 1997) – for SATB choir & organ/piano
Once in Royal David’s City (2018 & 1997) – flexible version for any voice(s) & organ/piano
For Mary, Mother of Our Lord (2018) – for SATB choir & organ/piano
A Babe Is Born (2018) – version for SSA choir & organ/piano (original 2002)
Gloria Patri (2018) – version for SA choir & organ/piano (original, as part of the Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis, 2011)
Jubilate Deo (2018) – version for SA choir & organ/piano
Ave verum corpus (2018) – version for SA choir & organ/piano
Alleluia (2018) – version for SA choir & organ/piano
(2017) – version for solo voice & organ/piano
(2017) – for SATB choir & organ/piano
A Babe Is Born (2016) – version for SATB choir & organ/piano
Jubilate Deo
 (2016) – version for solo voice & organ/piano 
Ave verum corpus
(2016) – version for solo voice & organ/piano
Jubilate Deo (2016) – for SATB choir & organ/piano , for Prescot Parish Church Choir on the occasion of the 12th Annual Prescot Festival of Music & the Arts
Ave verum corpus (2016) – for SATB choir & organ/piano, for Prescot Parish Church Choir
A Babe Is Born
(2015) – for voice (soprano or tenor) & organ/piano
Gloria Patri
(2011) – separate edition of the Gloria from Magnificat & Nunc dimittis
and Nunc Dimittis (2011, rev. 2017) – SATB choir & organ/piano, for Prescot Parish Church Choir and the Seventh Annual Prescot Festival of Music and the Arts
Music to Hear (2003) – SATB (with optional 4-part instrumental doublings), for COMA
A Babe Is Born (2002) – Christmas carol for choir and organ/piano or orchestra
Music, When Soft Voices Die (2001) – for Monica Acosta (mezzo-soprano and piano)
Alter? When the Hills Do (2000) – for mezzo-soprano & piano
Christmas: 1924 (1998) – for baritone & piano
This Little Babe (1994) – Christmas carol for unison voices & piano/organ

Piano Works – click here for score samples & recordings

Bread of the World (2019) – version for piano/organ
 (2017) – version for piano/organ
(2017) – for Barbara Kelly
Reclining Figure (2015) – after Henry Moore
(2015) – for piano
Chagall Reflection II (elaboration) (2013)
(2009) – for Mensa
Niarbyl (2008)
Harmony (2007) – for David Kernick
Rocking (2006)
Rocking (sketch) (2006)
Farewell (2006)
Chagall Reflection I (original) (2005)
Addition I & II (2003) – for JT
In Memory (2002) – for Vee Margolis
Still (2001) – after Anthony Gormley, for Judith Serota
Chorale for St Andrews (2001) – for Stephen Gutman
Broadway Boogie-Woogie (2000) – after Piet Mondrian
Mother and Child (2000)
Promenade IVa (2000) – version for piano or organ
Solitaire (2000)
Six of One (1999) – in six short movements
Prelude to 1984 (1999) – after George Orwell
Mirror Image (1998) – in 3 movements: Recollections (1997), Reflections, From S to Z
The Mystery of the Trinity (1998)
Toccatina (1996)
Intrada (1995)
Prelude in E-flat ‘Neo Rhapsody’ (1994)
Prelude in C minor (1994)
Pastoral Intermezzo No. 2 (1994, rev. 2019)
Pastoral Intermezzo (1993)
Prelude in F (1993)
Prelude in C (1992)

String Quartet – click here for score samples & recordings

The Stations of the Cross (2002-3) – for the Kreuzer Quartet, after Barnett Newman
Ghost (2002), Promenade IV (2000) & other flexibly scored pieces
String Quartet No. 1 (1999) – for Goldsmiths College New Music Ensemble
Axis (1996)

Chamber & Solo Works – click here for score samples & recordings

Study for Snare (1995, elab. 2019) – for snare drum
Study for Snare No. 2
(1993, elab. 2019) – for snare drum
(2019) – for viola
Flourish (2017) – for trumpet
Meditation (2014) – for organ, after Olivier Messiaen (La Trinite, Paris) & William Mathias (St Asaph Cathedral). For Tim Hall & the 10th Prescot Festival. Click here for more background.
Flautando (2012) – for solo flute
Streight Lines
(2004) – graphic score, for two pianos, for Rolf Hind
Achaian II
(2002) – for two bassoons
Achaian I (2002) – for solo cello
Mother and Child II (2002) – arranged for ensemble
La Reproduction Interdite
(2002) – for solo bassoon, after Rene Magritte
Lines on a Walk II (2001) – for flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin & cello, after Paul Klee
Distant Bells (2001) – for violin & piano
Still (2001) – version for piano, 4 hands
Dual Form (2000) – for clarinet & cello, after Barbara Hepworth
Promenade V (2000) – for oboist Paul Burnell
Family of Man (1999) – for flute, clarinet, piano, violin & cello (Gemini), after Barbara Hepworth
Pied Piper (1999) – commissioned by oboist Maria Thomas
Summertime (1999) – by George Gershwin, from Porgy & Bess, arr. for clarinet quartet (clarinet & string trio)
Two Forms (1999) – for solo marimba, for Simon Limbrick
Litany (1998) – for solo bassoon
Poco Variazioni (1998) – for solo cello
Prelude to Animal Farm (1998) – for Goldsmiths College New Music Ensemble, after Orwell
Transfigurations (1998) – for piano duet
Chamber Concerto (1998) – for sinfonietta, for Birmingham University New Music Ensemble
Fantasy (1996, revised 2019) – for solo clarinet
Improvisation (1996) – for solo bassoon
Scherzetto (1996) – for string trio (violin, viola, cello)
Fiddler’s Air (1995) – for solo violin
Rondino (1995) – for oboe quartet (oboe, violin, viola, cello)
Folk Lament (1994) – for solo bassoon
Pierrot (1992) – for solo bassoon
Duettino (1992) – for violin & cello
The Clown (1991) – for solo bassoon

Find Scores & Parts for Robert Howard’s Music

Robert’s music was previously published by Incalcando (Goldsmiths College), but are now available directly from the composer (see Contact). Many compositions, especially flexibly scored, are available through the COMA Music Library’s online catalogue. Please inform the composer and the Performing Rights Society of any performances. All of Robert’s compositions are registered with the PRS for the dissemination of due royalties.